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Our Electronic Annual Reporting (eAR) System is released for general use by California's public water systems. This web application serves as a method to upload documents and complete the required annual report including information necessary for legislative policy making, regulatory compliance, and sanitary inspections. Annual Report development information is available here as maintained by the Water Board’s Division of Drinking Water.

Instructions for Use

If you previously registered at the former Electronic Annual Report web portal (https://drinc.ca.gov/ear/home.aspx), continue here by selecting Login and enter your User Name (email address) and password. If you do not remember your password, please select “Forgot Password” and instructions for creating a new password will be emailed to you.

For all New Water System Staff registering to manage a water system, please proceed using the registration button. Upon selecting “Register”, any mandatory fields will be highlighted as “Required” and must be filled out with valid responses in order to proceed. The contact information entered allows the Regulating Agency to approve the user and is also used to identify the EAR Reporter in sections of the Annual Report.

For additional information related to using this platform, please visit the User Guidance Document including step by step examples for navigating once in the web portal.

Please provide all feedback, questions, or comments to drinc@waterboards.ca.gov. Thank you for your cooperation in using this reporting system.

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